Amazing Sommelier Family Residence Design in Suburban Budapest

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Here is an amazing family residence design well known called as the Sommelier Home that is located in Suburban Budapest. The designer, Architema studio, envisioned this home design for imposing family abode. This house features glazed style in contemporary style and decoration.

The Family Residence Design and Decoration

Related to the news about this Sommelier Home design, here are some photos and details following. The family residence design and decoration is designed in two-story house design with vertically shifted roof. The land of this house is designed in terraced style by including some pines in two sides. In front of this building, we will find two concrete forts in white design in straight lines. In left side, there is concrete staircase along the porch reaching the terrace and the building. The porch is stylized as nice and natural as the left and right side is stylized in greenery with some garden lights. Seeing from outside of this house, at night, this house is so glazed with the lighting system. The porch of the building is contrast between left and right side. When the right uses lawn at porch, the left side is designed in paving.

The Family Residence Design and Decoration Styles

The interior design of this place includes hard wooden floor with high ceiling. There is big wooden book case on the upper lever of the living room. The stairways are designed in wood staircase and glass grip in zigzag styles. The kitchen is stylized as luxurious with the dark counter included sink and they also use three stainless steel bar stools. We will see very nice chandelier on the ceiling in leaves style. Beside, the ceiling is also decorated with many light systems. In wide area there is a single pillar at center that plays role as a place for fire. Yeah the ceramic pillar features as modern fireplace. In front of the fireplace, there is nice lounge high backrest chair with high standing lamp behind the chair.

Are you interested in this amazing family house? If you are interesting, it is better enough to be applied as our new ideas. This family residence design and decoration styles is made in contemporary styles and decoration included the furniture and placement.

Magnificent Mexico Geometric Residential House in High Quality Style

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The design of geometric residential house located in Monterrey, Mexico is a magnificent design applied in more volume house style. This house designed by GLR Arquitectos is well known called as CH House. The house features high quality lifestyle by accomplishing the luxury experience. 

The Geometric Residential House Architecture

Here are some pictures following the details of this Mexico home design. The geometric residential house architecture includes elegance's. The house uses stripes transparent fences a half and concrete fort with plants and lights. In front of the house, there is a swimming pool with wooden deck. There are some brown lounge sofas on the deck facing the swimming pool. The deck and swimming pool is an opened up area in which from that deck place, people can enjoy wonderful city views and greenery around. There is also wide opened living area after the deck. The background of the room includes wooden floor and ceiling. The living room design is stylized in brown sofas that are placed in every side included two glass tables with two wooden benches between the tables. 

Geometric Residential House Architecture Design and Decoration

After having in outside living area, going inside to the room with glass facades, there is also wide living room with high ceiling in magnificent styles. The cream sofas are placed in U shaped and the two other sofas are high arm and backrest chairs. They apply the table in two different styles of glass and wood. Many decorations are placed in the living room. There are two table lamps on the wooden benches and some plants. Near the living room, there is dining area in round wooden table with brown chairs. There is also red big wallpaper. In the prefabricated wall and partition of that living area, there is a modern fireplace and also a granite counter with beautiful flowers in red and white and wooden circular ornaments.

The other related pictures are here dealing with this magnificent residence design. The concept of geometric residential house architecture design and decoration is great enough dealing with the ornaments and decoration of the house.

Elegant Amsterdam Interior Residence Design by Marcel Wanders

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Elegance can be applied in some ways, included to stylize the interior residence design. Here, the Amsterdam Residence that is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands was totally completed perfectly by Marcel Wanders. The designer made this residence full of arts for wall, ceiling, and furniture chosen.

Interior Residence Design And Decoration

The looks of elegant style in the Amsterdam Residence are offered here for some pictures. The interior residence design and decoration is designed in slightly royal sensation that blows to strong and harmonious styles. This residence spends the total surface 102 square meters. When we look at the interior design, we will find the wall and ceiling are designed in semi-circular. But it is not only about it. The surface of the ceiling is crafted artistically in hexagon with craving style in classic. It is designed in white fulfilled all the ceiling. It is not only about the craving ceiling, the floor is also designed in hexagon craving printed style in dark brown as base and light brown as the craving. The wall is also designed as same artistic craving; the different style is the wallpapers are designed in lighter.

Interior Residence Design And Decoration Crafted Styles

As here in the living room crafted design, they apply white U shaped lining sofas and small table at center. They place the television on the wallpaper. Besides, there is granite round table that is surrounded by craving strong wood chairs in dark brown. Then, the half round chandelier decorates the dining table and on the table we will look big white bowl. Behind the sofa, we will find elegant and artistic white craving ornament placed on white big vase. It is shining. There are some white pillars in curving styles that increase the room nuance more artistic.

Well, we will really find elegance's in this residence for the background and furniture chosen. The interior residence design and decoration crafted styles of this Amsterdam Residence are perfectly crafted in elegant and artistic styles.