Swedish Interior Design Ideas

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In last post I mention few interior design ideas; one of them was also Swedish interior style. This post is all about it.

Swedish interior is heavily influenced by the light and the weather of Scandinavia. Because of long dreary winters with early dusk and lack of natural light necessitated combined to create a need to bring the lightness indoors. That can give you the idea that anything pale, light, airy and minimal is in, that will give your apartment cheerful, elegant, calm and even warm on the darkest winter days.

Swedish interior design ideas tend to be designs for the people- so you will get an affordable look, which is very suitable for full-time living. These interior design ideas become very popular in recent times. This look combines refined elegance with a casual aged appearance that has universal appeal.

Swedish style is usually made in white rooms with classical time worn furniture, porcelain, natural floor and door and simple curtains.

Swedish interior design ideas:

  • Paint walls in pale tones of white, cream, soft yellow, pale pink, soft green and dove gray. That will give light and airy touch to your home.
  • You can use also red for fibbers, floral prints, wallpapers and blue that will reflect the feeling of clear fresh day.
  • For Swedish interior furniture you can use ladder back chairs, tables with nicely turned legs, floor clock, carved shelving… this interior design ideas is called Gust avian designs. This style will add your home a touch of vintage nostalgia. This furniture is very interesting is called neo-classical furniture.
  • For more modern look choose more modern designing style. These interior design ideas are simple, classic, beautiful shapes and sweeping curves in furniture pieces. Wood is bleached or painted pale, white, cream, or any other light color.
  • Patterns are painted on white ground (floral, bows, ribbons, swags).
  • Wooden floors.
  • Accessories are light pale colors and kept on minimum, allowing open space.
  • Fresh flowers in clear glass vases bring color, freshens in room.
  • Use gold gilding for the gorgeous accent on accessories and furniture. A good choice for gold gilding would be picture or mirror framing.
  • Accessorizes apartment with porcelain dolls, figurines, etc.

Sticking with one style could be different in time, but with these interior design ideas you cannot go wrong.

Romantic Home Interior Design

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When I think of romantic home interior design I picture in my mind some old furniture (19.century look), chandelier, canopy bed, flower patterns, a sprinkle of gold touch and for the big mess pink and pastel colors. So everything together doesn’t work its one big slush and to much of romantic touch in one place. Great challenge is creating modern home with modern elements of today combining them with romantic interior. That style updates contemporary design with old-world traditions of classic style.

Romantic home interior design is fresh and feminine. This style portray beauty, luxury, sensuality and comfort. It evokes dream-like state of tranquility. Romantic decor is graceful.

Color schemes:

Pick three to five colors. First start with neutral color that will be your main color and will be more than 50% of it. Use it on walls, floors and dominant furniture. Second color is for window treatments, floral arrangements, art and decorative pillows. Use this color from 20-30%. And third color is just a touch of it 10%. Use it on chandeliers, vases, lamps, scones and frames.

Modern chocolate brown, whit pink and white will make your room modern. Romantic home interior design will look nice in white, light gray and pink, with decorative floral pattern on accessories or blue, white and beige combination. But any color combination will do. Because peoples ideas of romantic style are different.


To add that feel of romantic home interior design add an old-look chair, table or club table with craftsman touch. Other romantic home interior design idea is to combine old fashion appeal with new materials that look modern like leather couch, glass chair, metal coffee table. Use few pieces (1-2) of old look furniture in one room to make it work. If you want to create something yourself. Pick a piece of antique furniture and color it fun color. Most typical piece is luxurious canopy bed or old look make up table which will make great if you want to create this style in bedroom. Use it as focal point of room.


Create romantic home interior design with old looking accessories, old look picture frame, or mirror frame with swirly carvings. A chandelier with rich dripping crystals. Fresh roses in modern vases and decorative floral pillows.


Fabrics that give room romantic look are sumptuous silk, luscious lace (canopy or ordinary bed decor), or vivacious velvet (pillows).

Mix, use imagination, combine old with modern to create your romantic home interior design.

Retro Living Room Furniture

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Retro living room furniture with modern-style changes - Decorating living room in retro style needs particular touch. It needs special retro living room furniture belonging to having a look of 1950s and 1980s. “Retro” itself means looking backward, so by adding certain furniture, it enables you to drag your memory and nostalgia back to the old times. You currently can have it to your own home interior. Something that was popular is about to revive in this modern times. There are some radical changes of this furniture. Retro furniture may not be the same as traditional ones. Following ideas are the ones you should know beforehand.

 Clean lines

The retro style furniture has its own particular characteristic. It has streamlined and sleek look. It is entirely simple and has polished line. When being added into your living room, it creates airiness and gives more visual space so for those with modern look, retro furniture helps in optimizing modern aesthetic.

Innovative materials

Retro furniture used to only involve original objects. The materials should use traditional materials and also construction. However, it seems impossible anymore due to the high price of the materials especially wood.

Innovative materials then are invented. Due to the improvement of technologies, the furniture can be made from new materials, such as plastic and fiberglass. Similarly, metals currently have been molded, shaped and sculptured into new forms that are bold but seem impossible to do this by traditional construction. Retro living room has been changed radically in terms of materials, but you will find them equally artistic and feature retro design. Wood is an irreplaceable material, but it also changes. Your table in the living room may not have dark tones anymore. Lighter tones are now usable with more neutral shapes. This kind of furniture gives accents of woods like teak that showcases a natural beauty.

Minimum embellishment

When you choose the table or sofas for your retro living room, it needs to be minimum embellishment. You can see this from its uncluttered and spare design that lack of overstuffed cushions, fringe, carved trim and also draped fabrics. The per-war decor that shows off embellishment does not exist in retro furniture. Then, you may add tables, sofa or cabinets that still keep the modern style that highlights materials shapes and design, and decoration instead.

Asymmetry and curve feature with bright colors

Retro chairs and tables have their own feature. They highlights curve and asymmetry pattern. Color tones will give some kind of energy upon the furniture. The bright colors that were once popular during the mid-century comes up in the form of non-traditional shades such as pink, aqua, turquoise, sunny yellow and tangerine.

Single functionality

Function is the main focus of retro furniture. When it comes to the modern time, it still shows off sophisticated feature but eliminating formality. The simple and clean lines make this furniture friendly and calming. It requires minimum maintenance but high performance. Your living room can be smartly transformed into a retro style but still have modern touch.

Retro living room furniture is not completely about mid-century style, but some modern touch has been added to the furniture. In the end, these changes give their own touch towards your living room.

Put Your Characters on Your Guest Bedroom Wall Colors

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Basically, you can have two different basic options to decide your guest bedroom wall colors. The first one is based on the concept of harmony, and the other one the contrast. It does, of course, depend on what kind of person you actually are, or your own personality, to decide which suits better to your taste.

If you like softness, quietness, uniformity more than the others, you may choose to paint your guest bedroom wall colors with harmonious choices. The easiest way to have a harmonious color is to alter the intensity of one color so that it becomes ‘softer’ in its tone. Thus, you may have different selections of reds and pinks and probably down to the most extreme gradation, whites.

Alternatively, you can show how strong your character actually is by using equally stronger or more contrasting ambiences for your guest bedroom wall colors. Just use anything in contrast, black and white, red and yellow, blue and green, or you can actually have pairs of contrasts, thus red-yellow and black-white.

The point to make is that your guest bedroom colors should represent your own characters as you are the master of your own house. Hence, you are always welcoming your guests by your own manner of cordiality.

Type of Portable Computer Table

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What you need to know before investing a portable computer table

With the markedly increase of technology invention, more people need computer table in the daily life. With people keep mobile almost all the time; portable computer table then is increasingly required. It is now largely available in the marketplace if you are currently seeking for it. However, one thing you should remember is that you need the one that is versatile and also practical. As it is portable, you may use it in various positions as you like. It eliminates the need of desk. You can take it with you whenever you go. To get this kind of table, you will need some references before investing this table.

Types of portable computer table

For the time being, there are a lot of manufacturers producing this table. All of the products are the same and called as “portable”, but it does not mean they have the same form and designs. Some of the products look similar to TV dinner tray or breakfast tray which holds your computer. The other tables might be designed into a desktop, peripherals and monitor. Thus, it is highly important for not to look the name only. Be sure what you are buying.


Just like the name, portable computer table should be “portable” or “movable” or “take-away”. However, you need to know that each product has different level of portability. So, now ask to yourself what kind of computer desk you really need. The designs are varied, and ideally, you might want the one that has wheels. They ease you in relocating while the computer is being used. At the same time, you can easily fold it and its compact design does not give any difficulty enables you to easily stow it.


As previously mentioned, this kind of table is produced by many manufacturers and they use different materials. Thus, to choose the most portable and versatile table, you require considering the material they use. When you keep mobile, the table should be sturdy and cheap plastic is utterly not a good choice. Meanwhile, you may have to consider materials such as high-quality sturdy plastic, steel or wood composite boar. Even, aluminum is currently used as the main materials as its lightweight and sturdy feature becomes a perfect material to make a portable computer table.


In order to be easily traveled, you will require a most portable table. Well, all products are claimed to be portable but there must the one that suits to your preference due to its high portability. The portability can be seen in several aspects and materials exclude in this.

The adjustability then has to be taken into account. It is all about how well this table can be adjusted. The easier you adjust the table into the required position; it will be your choice. It is usually added with a adjustable locking joints so you are capable of modifying the table to suit what you want. As it has a lot of benefits to the users, make sure you choose a portable computer table that has the maximum benefits such as its ability to save space if it is placed into a room, consolidation to the desktop, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Pink Colors For Interior Walls Guest Bedrooms

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Do you consider applying pink colors for interior walls guest bedrooms? We might assume that pink is associated with girly things. No doubt that most girl bedrooms are painted with pink. What about guest bedrooms? Basically, the perfect color of guest bedrooms is a color which can yield peace, calm, and relaxed feelings.

Pink is also one of the kinds. What is more, we have to bear in mind that a guest bedroom is to give sanctuary and comfort for our guests both females and males. Therefore, we can paint our guest bedroom with pink colors but it can be much better if we add more accents.

After choosing pink colors for interior walls guest bedrooms, we can pair the color with cream color. Cream is undoubtedly a very exciting color choice. Even though cream does not have much personality but we can use it to mix with pink colors to create a perfect unity look to make your guests feel at home.

Another alternative is we can add more beige colors. Beige colors and pink colors for interior walls guest bedrooms will dramatically transform our guest bedroom to be more homey and warmer. Furthermore, pink colors can be also matched with brown or even red colors.